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T1 touch screen stopped working

Hey Guys,
Just reporting an experience I had with my T1. I was reading a book with no problems. All of a sudden, the touchscreen stopped working. Tried my finger, tried the stylus, neither worked. Gave it a couple of hours, it had gone to sleep, and when I woke it back up, it asked for my PIN but the touchscreen still did not work ... so couldn't get it back on.
Reported it to the Sony store, they said to bring it in. Brought it in (about 5-6 hours later) and it had started working again. Made me look like a liar! lol
Anyway, they exchanged it for a new one but they said that no one has ever reported that problem before ... hmmm ... I wonder why?! lol .. I bought it on the second day it was made available and returned it on the third day!

The second unit I have seems slower to switch on, open books etc. But I am not complaining ... it is working!
Anyway, has anyone heard of there being two models (with slightly different processors or something?)
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