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Peter Swift's Fright Files-Free scary middle grade

Hi All! I'm new here, so I hope I'm not out of line posting this already. I just bought my first ereader a week ago (yay!), and my friend suggested I check out this site and post info about my new book in this community. It's middle grade for ages 9+ with spot illustrations and a cover by two talented artists. And it's completely free, so I hope you'll grab it, love it, and pass it around.

Just in time for Halloween!


Twelve year old Stevie Barton wants nothing more than to get home and finish his chores before his father grounds him for the Halloween weekend. In his haste, he takes a shortcut through a spooky forest known as The Grove. An unfortunate encounter with the local bully sends Stevie fleeing deeper into the woods, where he stumbles upon the remains of a forgotten manor. Sensing the vileness of the place, he quickly heads home, unaware that the evil that lurks in the forest is not willing to be left behind.

After the twisted, broken spirit visits the Barton's home and forces his mother's car into a tree, Stevie realizes he must confront the horror. With the help of Angie Lewis, Stevie's best friend, he reluctantly sets out to solve the mystery, unaware of the steep price the spirit will demand.

It will be released on the 21st, but you can sign up to be notified and follow it at:

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