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Collections and Sorting

Hello All,

I'm new to this forum and hope I'm in the right area to post - if not, I do apologize in advance

I have the Sony PRS650. When I upgraded my computer, I tried to download the Sony software for its library. Trouble abounded when it didn't like the files on my reader. I had looked at Calibre previously as a method of updating metadata. At this point, I upgraded the version of Calibre and have been loving it. I'm now using it to update the properties of my ebooks and uploading to my reader.

Ultimately when I store my ebooks on my laptop, I have separate folders for each author (LN, FN). Each file is named: LN, FN - Title. If I have any series name, it is included in the title.

So my first problem is how to organize the author & author sort fields so the output will read: LN, FN - Title. Currently Author(s) is FN LN and Author Sort is LN, FN.

My 2nd problem is that the column for Collections remains unpopulated. I manually go in and type the author name (FN LN) for the collection. Unfortunately when I upload it to my device, the collection field remains empty and I have to re-enter it again.

How do I make these two changes and where do I make the changes? I would be so happy if anyone can help. Thank you
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