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Please excuse my clumsiness. I am not familiar with this process but I am interested in this subject and I'm giving it a try. My computing skills are sad I love to read and I think the Calibre program is a wonderful piece of programming. It needs to be a little more user friendly and with some modifications it could become the OS for every reader on the market. Imagine a reader that could instantly read every format and be intuitively structured to each users preferences. It is not far off now. Just add some needed features in flexibility and make it the prime OS in a stand alone reader.
Now just to prove how lame I am, I started playing with the css style sheet. It seems that everytime I make a change it causes the content to loose sync when turning pages. Specifically every new page repeats about 5 lines from the previous page. How do I avoid that. DON'T YELL AT ME FOR BEING LAME. Be kind and your karma will grow in a good way. Many thanks. And if you do not answer and shine a light on my little question and you do yell at me, May a camel barf in your panty hose. Winnfred
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