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Hi! After searching through the forums and not finding exactly the info I want I thought I'd post this topic. Apologies in advance if its been covered somewhere else.

I've enjoyed my PRS-505 for the last several years but the part I dislike is using the sony software to transfer purchased books to my reader. I've got a dual boot HP with Vista and once I get another reader I will probably hose Vista. I'm also mad at Sony for removing the Other OS function on my PS3, not to mention the long down time after they were hacked. Sony doesn't appear to care much about their customer base any longer.

Amazon seems a fairly good choice, although I don't like their walled-garden approach. I've seen the newer readers and I like the screen, also I've had good luck purchasing books and other stuffs through Amazon. Their return policy is great and I like the ability to sync over 3G or wireless w/o need for a computer.

Price does matter, and I'd like to keep reader and cover in the $150 range, although I might go higher for the right reader. I have about 100 books in my library and am hopefully technically proficient enough to re-format them with the help of calibre.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

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