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Question Problems with Sony PRS-650, SD memory card. Is this the norm?

Okay, can SOMEBODY help Me out here. I brought a memory card for My Sony PRS-650, 16 GB, and, it will NOT work work. I left it in over night, one night, trying to get it to load, but, in the morning, still frozen on the loading screen. Restarted, and, rinse wash, and, repeat, over and over again, it will just not load. Now, I am fully aware, that, the more storys you have, the longer things take to load, but, its 16 gb, again, and, its only got THREE GBS on it, so, not even half way, not 1/8s, of a freaking way. So, while things take lobger to load, thats why I BROUGHT THE EXPENSIVE MEMORY SD COMPATIBLE CARD, because I had to many fics, and, it was not letting Me load the Reader, but, not, won't even open on the card, so, My question is, is anyone else having this problem, is it like Kindles just shutting down mid-book, which, mine does, btw, (rotten luck I have, and, no, I don't have a light cover for night reading to explain it) but, if thats the case, and readers just do not have moxy and power to load three gibs, or, even the card with ONE book on it, why the hell do they even have the slots? Can't believe I was so excited just a week ago, about buying a Sony Ereader, because My kindle is crap, just seems that there is problem after prob;em with these Ereaders, and, nothing to fix them, but, if anyone has had, a card that will not load, and, yes, I have formatted it, twice, and, know of a way to fix this, please, tell Me, or, just let Me know if, Sony are liars, saying you get all this space you can't even use, and, give Me the peace of mind. Thank you for your time, Meggan.
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