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Originally Posted by nikkie View Post
I've been looking into clockwork, and it looks like the author has a bunch of specific files for each device to load all the right files when you do the recovery. I'm interested, but I don't think it will be easy. We'd have to provide the list of recovery files.
adding to clockworkmod from a normal-ish device doesn't look too difficult - get the recovery image from the device itself, and then let cwm patch itself into it. ( ) - so that you retain kernel, driver modules, etc. from the device itself, so it can boot and not panic, buttons and lcd still work, etc. etc. and the cwm recovery screen has just sort of hooked itself into a jump instruction at some point.

has anyone tried to dump a "standard" boot image or recovery image from the Edge? (been meaning to but lazy - I'll give it a try after work today though) - I thought the problem was that the Edge has a non-standard (for android anyway) boot - like from a ramdisk or something, or that the images were there but in protected regions.

if it's not a standard image, I don't think passing cwm recovery files is the problem, but rather getting cwm hooked into the Edge's boot image is.

anyway, I'll report back in a couple hours the results of attempting to dump the image, one way or the other...
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