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Kindle no longer available in Europe (via!


I have been waiting for a long time for next-gen of e-readers, including the new Kindle.

The old 3g was available in Europe (if ordered via, but apparently none of the 4g kindles are available to order outside the US.

Is this a permanent thing, or will they roll out the kindle 4 in Europe as well as they did with the 3g?

I am really wondering why this is, since I thought the free data etc. which they have negotiated for the 3g, shouldn't change just because Amazon puts out a new version of their hardware?

Looked around on the forum for discussions of this, but couldn't find any. Sorry if I am posting on something that has already been discussed at length.

Any suggestions/hints at what the future will bring with regards to Kindle in Europe (Denmark to be specfiic)?

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