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Originally Posted by CJBarrow View Post
Unfortunately dropped my Cybook and it landed end on and my on/off button is now broken. It was protected by my leather cover, however did not help dropping it end on :-(
Bookeen replied withing minutes to my request for repairs and asked me to send it back.
Now my item appears to be lost in the post because they never received it, luckily it was insured so will see how I get on claiming from the post office, no doubt they will expect me to jump through hoops to claim for a refund.
I'm sorry you've lost it.

I learnt that when you send something in France, don't send it via post.

I sent mine and though our service was able to track it till it left...the french were abysmal on their side.

The website was in French, the phone number I was given to contact denied any knowledge of tracking overseas parcels, even though our postal service said the French would track it.I tried 5-6 international numbers.

Finally, according to people with experience, the French postman will attempt to deliver it, not leave a message if there is nobody there.(It is alleged some don't even get of their vehicles!)
It would be up to the addressee to contact the local post office.

After a couple of emails to Bookeen with the tracking number and asking them to contact the PO, they finally received it!

The whole process took 2 weeks for priority, insured, airmail over just 400 miles!

I would have posted this sooner if I thought other people might do it, I thought I made a mistake, but didn't think others would.

Given that Bookeen will only reimburse you to the tune of 16 Euros.....I can now see that others would post it!

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