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Originally Posted by ptsenter View Post
Have you seen the message 'hit any key to stop autoboot'?
Why yes, I have. I have two PE. One borked with EE firmware. So I can use the good one for reference.

I ended up getting cabling setup with the good PE, so I had a known good configuration. Hit any key to stop autoboot shows up and works. I played in the u-boot prompt a bit, lots of options. Lots of fun in our futures I can see.

With the bad PE (with EE firmware)... it also has the prompt, but will NOT accept any keystrokes and goes ahead a tries to boot.

I plan on posting a few pictures and maybe a pastebin of my log.

I was able to break into u-boot with my borked PE. I used "moserial" app and probably sent characters before the prompt.

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