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Originally Posted by nikkie View Post
When I use termite and boot the edge, a lot of text scrolls by, but it's all garbage text. It *looks* like the baudrate is wrong, but I've tried several others with no luck. Any ideas?

I had the same issue (but on linux/gtkterm). On the fly (during PE boot) a quick flip of parity to NONE cleared up my text. I'm pretty sure parity=Odd is wrong.

115200, 8N1


I can verify that a serial port wired like EnvO says will work. Some purchased cables don't map DB9 to 3pin in this way. Just for clarity, wire it without a null modem in the middle.

To clarify EnvO's post further...
DB9 Pin 2 (RX) -- Pin 1 (TX)
DB9 Pin 5 (Gnd) -- Pin 2 (Gnd)
DB9 Pin 3 (TX) -- Pin 3 (RX)

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