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Originally Posted by jgaiser View Post
Calibre wasn't designed to be an ebook reader. It's a multipurpose application that just happens to be able to display ebook files. It only understands epub files (everything is converted before display) and there's better readers available.
Indead (except for the Linux platform). Reading epub books is in the most cases less comfortable on a PC, netbook or tablet then on an (e-ink) ereader.

Originally Posted by jgaiser View Post
If you're *buying* ebooks from vendors, it's best to use their reader. If you're trying to read free ebooks, it probably makes more sense to use the Firefox epub reader plugin which does a much better job.
It's clear now that for reading on the Netbook the downloaded epub (Dutch) newspaper (via Calibre) and occasionally an epub book the FF addon is (in my case) the solution.
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