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rip stanza-struggling to get another iPhone app that gets books from calibre easily

stanza won't work under ios5 and i gather we won't be seeing updates .....

i don't want to do anything complicated, just get books from my mac to my iPhone and then read them.

ibooks crashes, deliberately it seems due to me being jailbroken.

blue fire looks okay but getting the books onto the iPhone is cumbersome compared to stanza getting the books directly from stanza on my mac. i tried putting the books on using iTunes books bit but blue fire can't see them. figured out i need to use the blue fire documents bit on iTunes but thats really not friendly, i can't select a whole folder so i have to use calibre to save books to single folder as epub. then when i drag them across onto iTunes all at the same time it crashes. so i have to do it a few books at a time....when i get new books i have to remember to export them then drag them then synchronise, instead of opening stanza, and sorting books by newest, reading the descriptions and choosing the book i want to read.

so not impressed by blue fire but maybe someone can tell me a better way.

heard i2reader is better, its 4 quid. I'm happy to pay for it if it works but to see i downloaded from installous first, it opens and closes like ibooks does. if its just that it does that coz its a cracked version id buy it but if its because of a bug or it doesn't work on jailbroken devices I'm not paying 4 quid for nothing.

any suggestions for getting i2reader to work, blue fire to work better or another app thats going to be as easy to use as stanza.

really i just want a reader that gets books on it easily, ideally one that also stores the description would be nice.
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