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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Read "The Mystery of 31 New Inn" in Vol 1 and corrected a number of minor formatting errors as a result. Uploaded a new version of Vol 1. This will be the final version of Vol 1 unless any subsequent errors are found.
I've found a couple. This isn't vigorous proof-reading (I'm enjoying them too much for that). I'm not sure of the best way to identify the errors - I hope a bit of context should be enough to find them.

The first is a beauty - a word that I'm sure doesn't appear anywhere in Freeman's writings:

"You have got to come with me and show me whore you lost him" she said.

The second brings Eve in rather unexpectedly:
... in cash rather than by cheque" -- here I caught a twinkle in Thorndyke's eve

The third I'm not absolutely certain of, but I'm pretty convinced that "recruit" should be "recoup"
Then he went for a voyage to recruit, and the ship broke her propellor-shaft

The fourth is a missing open quotation mark after "Wilkins,"
"The gent," said Wilkins, was a very respectable-looking gent

Hope these help and act as a minute thank-you for the work you've put in on these. As I work my way through the set I'll do similarly for each volume unless you tell me not to.

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