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Originally Posted by mr ploppy View Post
Burnt Cross are the natural successors to Crass. And unlike Crass they are prepared to don a black mask and put what they preach into practice

They also make all their music available free through Moshpit Tragedy (though you can also pay for it if you want). Their cover version of The Apostles' Mob Violence is probably their best so far.
Thank you all for answers

Since i was in Open house personaly i can tell you that CRASS was puting what was they preaching in to practice. To my (limited) knowladge they was the only (let say "punk stars" meaning widely sucesfull) band doing so and that was part of their success. And i am 43y. old and i am not some mindles fanboy. It is truth that i dont have knowladge abaut modern bands so i am talking abaut past events.
When you have 2 kids your.priorites change .

As allways, i coud be wrong (i know abaut Steve Ignorants tour, but that is not CRASS) but dont start new debate. I got my answer and only that maters.

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