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Something better than the latest Kindle?

I love my iPad for reading - I have a number of reading apps on it (Bluefire and Kindle being the most used).

I've had my eye on a Kindle for a long time, but having watched videos on Youtube the screen refresh/flashes I found quite unpleasant and put the thought of getting a dedicated e-reader on the back burner until the technology improved.

My husband took delivery of his new Kindle earlier today. After having a play with it, and fiddling round with all the settings, I've been disappointed at how difficult it is for me to read the screen without a light directly over the screen. It might be great for reading in bright sunlight, but not so wonderful if it's raining outside and/or relying on uplighters for room lighting. I think the best description of my experience is summed by a comment from another Kindle user (sorry, I can't remember where I read it) would be like a having a book printed with a laser printer on tracing paper.

I bought the iPad after weeks of deliberating over other e-readers. I was quite smitten with Sony's e-readers at the time, and I've noticed Sony are gradually rolling out the PRS-T1.

Finally getting round to asking my question... I've watched some video reviews for the T1, and it *looks* to have a much whiter screen and blacker text than the Kindle, and the option to tweak contrast settings and change fonts. Will I still have problems reading a T1 in 'dim' light or is an add on light a compulsory for any reading situation other than outside in the middle of summer or in a brightly lit office?

I've tried using a clip on MightyBright swan-necked type light for the Kindle and it did improve the screen clarity, but positioning the light so it didn't shine on the screen took a while, and I'd much prefer the idea of just picking up an e-reader and reading rather than messing around positioning lights and having bulky cases.

Thanks for the help.
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