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I'd like to second that.

Originally Posted by sUnShInE
I, for one, would like to thank Alex for all his hard work, enthusiasm, and enduring commitment to the site. I realize that I was never quite able to convince him that sleep -- even when he was falling down sick -- was more important than site maintenance, and it shows in the product you see before you.

MobileRead is, IMHO, more than just "another tech site". It's a community. And it's a damn good one.

Best Wishes for a Very Happy Anniversary,

I think the reason it feels like more than just one year is two-fold:

1) I still have the site bookmarked as (sentimental me) and,

2) Every day feels like a year because it's always Christmas to see new articles on the frontpage or get to reply to someone's post or whatever.

This is a great community. I admit that I cheat on sometimes and go to these other sites and, while some content might be worthwhile, either there's too much backbiting among the other sites' members that it's painful to read their posts, or their members just don't have the tech know-how like our guys and girls here at MR. It's not the same there and I'm always glad to come back here and read the same articles with our community.

Happy Birthday and my blessings on many more.
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