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Html based book > PDF or Mobipocket

Hi All,

Firstly apologies if this is a somewhat noob type question.. However im a noob, so ill go ahead..

I have a couple of "Oreilly CD Bookshelf" titles which i would love to get onto my Iliad.

I see there are lots of tools out there which do things such as create ebook from html, so many infact i really dont know what to get.

Does anyone have any experience of doing this. The cd book shelves are basically swathes of html files and images etc.. I want a tool which will enable me to say ok.. Look at this Index.Html file follow the links and construct an entire ebook from that.

I have looked at Nasta and a couple of others but all have limitation on the number of pages they can do in the freeware forms.

I really want to know what the right tool is before i spend my hard earned simolians..

Any help Appreciated..

P.S as an aside i would also like to use this to convert html versions of the Loanwolf Adventure book series.. (although this is not imperative).

thanks again guys..

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