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mda13 began at the beginning.
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I did it! Local operator SIM wors great in kindle 3 3g+wifi!
-. insert intended SIM card into you _phone_
-. remove start PIN request
-. go to connection properties and write down all of them
APN, login/password, dial #, proxyort
tariff plan: WEBbasic
dial #: *99#
init string: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""
login/password: web/web
authentification: PAP
DHCP: yes
-. remove SIM from phone
-. on Kindle - turn Wireless OFF
-. install jailbreak
-. install usbnetwork
-. thorouly open kindle with credit card
-. replace your SIM
-. ssh to Kindle
-. mntroot rw
-. edit /etc/ppp/peers/peer-3 (add lines: user xxx debug logfile /mnt/us/pppd_log.txt; comment out line: noauth)
-. edit /etc/ppp/chat/connect-3 (init string)
-. edit /etc/ppp/pap-secrets (login/password)
-. edit /etc/resolv.d/resolv.conf.3 (nameserver nameserver
-. copy /etc/resolv.d/resolv.conf.3 to /etc/resolv.d/resolv.conf.2
-. edit /opt/amazon/ebook/config/ServerConfig.conf, replacing proxy port of all lines: wan.proxy.port* to our (8080) and
-. mandatory REBOOT your Kindle

ini-file examples see in attachment.
P.S. sorry, no time for more comprehensive description
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