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Originally Posted by tomsem View Post
I have a Nook STR but it has only whetted my appetite for Kindle Touch. The nook is too stripped down, and there have not been any meaningful updates to address things like text selection issues, lack of multi-level TOC, and the strange behavior of the Text Options panel. My impression is that they won't get around to it, most of the same problems exist on Nook Color and haven't been fixed.

Lack of SD is not an issue for me. Nook won't even let me delete my own content without hooking up to a computer. Amazon is hooking up 5Gb of free cloud storage for 'Personal documents' which will sync and backup bookmarks. Kindles can also download content from the web (including dropbox, calibre content server), and you can push content to it via email. That's much more functional for me than Nook's very restrictive use of wifi, and more convenient also.

You don't have to hook up your nook to delete or archive your books. You can do it straight from your digital managment on "My Account" and when your nooks connects to wifi the changes will automatically happen or upon refresh.

What is Barnes and noble doing that is restrictive with it's wifi? Anywhere there is wifi you can connect including all at&t's wifif hotspots. Barnes and noble does put in any restrictiions.

You can also store your books in "cloud" with the nook, it's called archiving. They may not use the term "cloud" but it's the exact samething. Storing your digital content.

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