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Japanese dictionary application (KindleEdict, GPLv3)


Before anything I'd like to thank you all the people of this forum, and specially to those developers that jailbroken & posted help regarding development on this ebook reader.

I'd like to present a simple GUI for the common English->Japanese, Japanese->English dictionary EDICT. This gui is just a text entry where we can search text in japanese (like "kinnen"), or in english (like "useful").

License: GPLv3

  • Make sure you have the usbNetwork hack installed
  • Update the developer.keystore key (it's the same key as the one used at the kindleterm mod by hawhill, and I believe it's the original key by adq), just place that key on /var/local/java/keystore/
  • Copy KindleEdict.azw2 to documents/
  • Open and close the program, this will generate the developer/KindleEdict/work directory.
  • Uncompress & put edict-common in that directory (developer/KindleEdict/work). If you're using edict from upstream, just make sure it's encoded in UTF-8, (name this text file "edict-common", with no extension)
  • Enjoy

Files and stuff:
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