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I'm glad you guys started this thread. I'm spanking-new to the Podcast game, and I wonder why I didn't get hip to it sooner. It's so cool that, while I usually keep a backup of my "Home" directory on my iPod, I've had to delete it to open up space for the new podcasts I've just subscribed to. Come on 80GB iPod!!

I like the format, but I feel like most content creators either do it as a hobby or lack the skills to put a bit more of a professional polish on their podcasts. The hobby thing I can understand, people who have a little extra time and want to speak their piece online, but it's frustrating waiting for them to make another installment if I like what they're talking about. It's like trying to support a small hobbyist developer, I want them to give me more but I'm always secong to their "day job."

The podcasts that have likeable content and are produced more regularly are a joy, when it sounds good. Most people are still learning which bitrates to encode their podcasts at, or how to EQ their voices or check the input levels on their mics to prevent over-modulation or how to incorporate Scype interviews where the other party sounds good to the podcaster and to us on this end.

Right now, I have several podcasts downloading onto my iTunes for transfer to my iPod and most of them are techy geekiness, but some others are Spanish language lessons or poetry or narrative works. I'm simply amazed by how wonderful this technology is and, as an ego thing, I cannot wait to begin podcasting myself. If the stars are kind, I'll post my results here for all to hear.

So, what are you guyses favorite podcasts? I like Leo Laporte's stuff. Somebody described him as a shade above that "Video Professor" guy, but I'm still learning about certain technologies and I like his pleasant style. Most geeks are either too geeky (Jeff Kirvin from iSCR sounds like "Comic Book Guy" from the "Simpsons" if he had a PDA podcast) or their too unpleasant and impatient with their callers. I've been checking out Chris Pirillo's stuff, but his podcasts integrate Scype callers or Windows GoToMeeting conference calls and sometimes the quality of the remote voices is difficult to swallow (I'm a Sound Guy, so I really geek out on how things sound.)

I haven't checked out the poetry slam stuff yet, but it's there when I'm ready for it. What do you guys recommend that I try?
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