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Originally Posted by DeathtoToasters View Post
How common is the not bookmarking or not remembering.... -snip-
I don't use SD or sync with Mobipocket Desktop, and I have frequent problems with bookmarks, both the bookmark I set and the automatic remember the last page when the machine times out. (I read about 3-4 hours a day in 3 - 6 sessions.)

Bookmark failure occurs at every level from 40% to 100%. Sometimes one bookmark works. I have given up attempting to use multiple bookmarks in one book, because the feature choices "Go to First, Go to Last, Go to Previous, and go to Next" result only in going to the first bookmark.

With the the automatic save, sometimes the book will reopen on the page I had stopped at in reading session PRIOR to my last session. That takes me to a page several chapters earlier than I want. It is an annoyance, because I have to jump to Table of Contents and forward pages until I get back to where I left off.

It does not seem to matter whether I return to Library or time out. I have experienced bookmark problems both ways.

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