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Saniko, do you not find that the case stops you flipping the bar to the right easily? The only way I can see that loosening up would be for it to move out of the way, which would be a distortion surely? Not being able to get the pen out is, I can see, something that could improve with age, though it could easily have been designed to avoid the issue entirely.

Any case, intended to allow the devise to be used while still in it, that stops you using a major feature of the device just as easily as without the case is hopeless IMHO, at least from an engineering POV.

My definition of hopeless is anything that makes you ask "why on earth didn't they spot this problem in the very first prototype?".

It may be worse for those of us who advance pages by flipping right (the non-standard setting) I'll concede, but even those that don't change the setting have to reverse pages sometimes don't they?

So if you're happy with it, that's very good and I wouldn't try to persuade you otherwise, but it IS bad design, and I WOULD try to dissuade people from buying one.

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