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My ePUB Validator keeps saying "Blahblah.htm(9): non-standard image resource 'OEBPS/images/Blahblah.jpg' of type 'images/jpg'"

Some of the images are jpegs I downloaded off the net, most are things that started out as tifs from the music program Finale, and then got supposedly turned into jpgs by IrfnView.

There seems to be some purity standard or something that is higher in Nook and the validator than in Mobipocket and kindlegen.

Is there some way to check the quality of graphics, like a validator program or a website you can upload it to?

(I tried downloading Caliber, couldn't get the install sequence to start, so I shitcanned it. (I have Windows 7 and 64 bit; maybe their .exe wasn't written to accommodate it. But I don't like automated programs in general. I like to manipulate the code myself as least as far as html and xml level, and then WISIWIGot when I push the f5 button. That's just the way I am.)
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