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Originally Posted by lreilly12 View Post

I am trying to download apps on my new pocket edge, but it seems that on Android Market (, it doesn't work. I have an account with my gmail account, but when I go to install an app, it says, 'There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.' Does anyone know what I need to do? Do I need to download something to this market? Anyone have any suggestions where to get one?
I tried to download some free apps, but it gave me the same message. There is a site I went to called, appgravity. It told me to type my e-mail in to get the app sent and then I can downloaded from my e-mail. I sent about 10 apps to my gmail account I went to my g-mail account and there were no new e-mails. What am I doing wrong. As I mentioned before, is there something I need to download?
In order to associate the device with your market account you have to download something ON THE DEVICE from the market. This won't work if you don't have the market and google sync working.

If you can open the market app but can't download anything, start here on step #7. Understand that this CAN BRICK YOUR DEVICE if you don't know what you're doing.

Your only option at this point is to modify your build.prop file or be resigned to sideloading things from your phone or downloading from appbrain or other freeware sites.
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