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I can weigh in on this a bit too. We have in our family the white Novel, and then I also have the Nova and an iPad. I've used the Novel a few times and for what it is, no problem. My mom is in the 70+ arena and loves hers. She downloads books herself and so forth. She uses it to read at night. We did the software hack thing just to have the option to sideload apps, and it was no problem. She doesn't sideload or bother with the internet use, but if she wants to start using Kindle, she could and would have no problem. Hers works fine. I have a Nova myself along with my iPad. The Nova is a little different and allows automatically for the sideloading of apps, so I haven't bothered to hack it. I have Kindle on there which is my major interest, along with a PDF reader. The Nova does have an easier screen-not as smooth of course as the iPad, but pretty smooth, so easier than the Novel. But I accept the fact that with heavy use, like surfing and playing games on it, no, it's not going to get the same battery life as the iPad. But I turn it off and the standby time is fine and like someone's report above, I end up needing to charge just every several days too. I do very light surfing and might check my e-mail, then do some reading. I got it simply for those nights when I read in bed and just need the lighter size as my iPad gets a little heavy. I don't have the expectation of it being a junior iPad. Its primary function is e-reader with a little extras thrown in that have tablet like qualities, and it does a good job with some of the tablet-like features. I do often like to read, and then quickly look something up which is why I wanted a good web surfer function too, and I like having the option of the Nook bookstore and Kindle in one device too like the iPad. The Nova is a companion to the iPad, and I got it with that expectation.
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