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Originally Posted by Benjiboi View Post
Best solution I've found so far is to use my Android phone (Moto Droid) to download whatever I want, then use ASTRO file manager to back up the apk's and transfer them from sdcard/backup onto my pocket Edge.

Some apps still don't work properly/at all, generally those requiring the "universal" Google account integration such as GMail, Calendar, Market, and YouTube (for anything requiring authentication: favorites, 18+ content, etc).
This bears repeating... and thanks for the suggestion. I have a Xoom tablet, with a ton of apps, both paid and free. I wanted to get some of them on my pe, but hadn't been able to get the Android Market to work so...

0) - Off the bat -- I am using an iMac for connecting / backing up. The Android File Transfer utility is a FAIL on Lion. I wanted a simple mechanism for syncing, and moving files around... so - - On to ermine.
1) - Loaded ermine. There are excellent how-to's on this site. Many thanks to the folks who have been great enough to figure out the magic, and document it for the rest of us!
2) - Installed Dropbox. Needed a way to get stuff onto the pe
3) - Started looking around on my Xoom for apps. Thank you Android... you let developers drop their APKs all over the place. Thankfully, I had an existing copy of Astro file manager. The post from benjiboi helped connect the dots for me. I launched Astro and moved the APK files that I wanted to get over to my ee into a 'Backup' folder.
4) - Using the Android File Transfer utility (which works for me, now that I am on ermine) - I moved the APK files onto my Mac, in a place where I can catalogue and keep things backed up. I wish I had been doing that all along with the Xoom- - it would have made this process simpler. Suggestion to anyone wondering about this... -- just do it. Apps that you like, you should be backing off to a harddrive (in addition to whatever backup mechanism you are using for your pe)... in case you get a different Android device.
5) - Dropbox time. Pushed the files over from my Mac to the ee via dropbox
6) - Opened Dropbox on the pe... and started installing stuff... Some titles didn't work.. most did. Am keeping a list of the stuff that is working -- will post to whatever master threads there are for such things... All in all -- this probably reads like a complicated process, but it is pretty simple now.

Cheers -

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