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Originally Posted by ivanjt View Post
Use the PE golden update zip to revert your PE to 1.6 and then update to ermine again and be careful in future. MAKE SURE you have the correct files!!

DON'T mess with system files unless you know exactly what you are doing and have a backout option ready.
Hi ivanjt,

I've tried to install the PE golden update zip several times now -- it appears that it won't start the update process. Currently the EE image is on my PE. (A fact, can't take it back now) I can only assume this puts it in a state where normal recovery with the golden update won't work.

I have some experience with third party firmware on my Droid1. I am a Linux user/admin of 17 years. That said, it didn't keep me from downloading multiple files from various threads here and getting confused on which did what. ooops. 2 days ago I didn't know there were two different devices: Entourage Edge (EE) and a Pocket Edge (PE). I'm 98% sure I upgraded to (EE) that emusan had tweaked to not do the TARGET != UPDATE check that DarkGrue had success with. Thus, attempting to install the EE firmware on my PE.

At this point I have a brick. I'm willing to try editing a lot of system files at this point -- with or without a backout option. My backout options seem to be gone. It would be nice to have ClockWorkMod in this device! And I'm interested in cooking up new firmware/roms if we had it. The pile of PE on Woot around Sept 9th should bring in more folks, hopefully some are devs.
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