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Since the patch didn't change anything other than in the continuous viewing mode, I believe the problem is very likely not related to this patch. Maybe I'll try to use the original ipdf binary to see if the problem exists there.
That was my idea as well. I haven't tried the stock ipdf binary, but the problem only seems to occur if you flip pages with short intervals.

As for the margin problem, actually if there is not enough space, it's probably a margin and should be skipped. Current threshold is 1/3 of the screen to detect this. If its not skipped, the display is not aligned to the edge of the page, but instead it follows previous display area.
I experience 1/3 of a screen is a bit much. Mostly I zoom to 40% of an A4-page, then 1/3 of a screen is approx. 4 cm of the bottom of the page. Many papers have a margin of 2 cm, so perhaps 1/5 of the screen would be better? I wouldn't mind flipping a screen extra, but it is a little annoying to have to go back and move the screen down.

Indeed my first solution was to align to the edge, but then I often found myself losing track of the text I was reading because the new content doesn't start from screen top. Ideally one should clip out old content (or gray them) and center new content that is displayed. But I didn't see a quick way to do the clipping. (maybe I'll figure it out if trying harder :-)
I agree that that would be confusing, and graying out part of the screen seems a little complicated. Anyway, I noticed that the problem I described is also solved if zooming not too much.

By the way, how could I create and compile my own patch? How do you do that? Is there a way to test a patch before installing the new binary on the iLiad? Thanks in advance!
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