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So apparently I've done the impossible...

Based on everything I've read, the PE is not supposed to run Hulu+, correct?

I am currently watching the season premier of Glee on Hulu+, on my PE. And I have *no clue* how I got it to work. I bumbled around and apparently found the magic button, but don't know what it was. When I tried to use Titanium Backup to copy it from my PE to my wife's, it didn't work. Whatever mojo mine spontaneously spewed forth to make H+ work doesn't exist on my wife's.

If anyone is interested in looking at my specs/logs/whatever, I am more than happy to send them along for the good of the community. If we can get H+ working for everyone that's just one more bit of awesomeness for these little things. Just tell me what you want to see, as I'm a rank novice with these particular machines.
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