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Brick-like Pocket Edge after Original Edge firmware

I was being very careful, documenting what version came on my new Pocket Edge, then updating to newest 1.6. Then updating to 2.2. Both updates I did from the torrent zip. Then I wanted the fixes -- I flashed some .zip from a link to a download site. My PE apparently tried to update from OE firmware and is now sick.


Boot loop or hang
"enTourage Edge" flipped backwards on boot screen
Stops on 3 dots lit, lit up from right to left
e-ink side says "Initializing" most of time
At a point the e-ink side flashes like it's being reset about 30 times.

These symptoms seem the same whether I'm trying to Update with and home/rotate or if I just try to boot normally.

I never see the update screen. I've tried to go back to 1.6 stock Dingo, go back to 2.2 Ermine, and tried Dingo with checks taken out for matched device name by way of DarkGrue's post but no dice.

Looking for ideas. Or people with similar experience, did you get it working again?

(after the batteries run out, I'm going to try 1.6 gold update... of course twice as in downgrade instructions)
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