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trying to access amazon

Hey, Sounds like you may be having the issue described here:

Network Connection (posted 2011-01-02)

The kindle often complains that it cannot connect to a WiFi network, but what this really means is that it cannot connect to, and this blocks the browser even if local connectivity is available.

To make the system believe that the network is reachable (and let the browser work), you can issue the following command:

dbus-send --system /default com.lab126.wifid.cmConnected
and you will see the [Wi-Fi] icon turn on.

Unfortunately you need to do it every minute or so, because the daemon in charge of connectivity (wifid or probably the 3G equivalent as well) periodically tries to refresh the address and connect to amazon, and on failure it issues a
dbus-send --system /default com.lab126.wifid.cmNotconnected
event which blocks the browser again.
While not a full solution, should help you allong
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