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Question Virtual Bookshelf - does what I'm looking for exist?

What I'm looking for is a website (or program) that allows me to create a virtual bookshelf of all my ebook titles, that I can reorder by simply dragging books to a new location like a real bookshelf. I have found loads of sites/software like Shelfari and Alfa Ebook Management, but I seem to only be able to order them by things like title A-Z or date added.

My ideal solution would include:
---Click and drag ordering
(so all books from a series can be together in order, all books on a specific subject could be together, random books could be located how I want, all books by one author could be together but placed so that they are not in alphabetical order (eg all PG Wodehouse books together, then Bill Bryson's, then Terry Pratchett))
---Multiple bookshelves
(eg for non-fiction, fantasy etc)
---Import my books from calibre or my Kindle (often without ISBN), asking about ones it doesn't know.

---Able to have either covers or spines facing out.
(in spine view, clicking the book would show the front cover and blurb. The size of the spines could be based on the number of pages (or locations on Kindle) in the book)
---Able to be accessed online (this isn't that important, but would be useful)

---Not cost anything ()

Obviously if something doesn't fit all these criteria, then I may be willing to compromise. If anyone out there is a software developer, feel free to use all these ideas for yourself, as long as you give me a copy of what you make!

Thanks in advance for your help, sorry if I've missed an answer or a thread this should have gone in.

EDIT: Just to clarify, this doesn't have to store or convert my ebook files (I have calibre for that) or let me read them, it would purely be to make choosing a book easier than looking though my "not started" collection on the Kindle and allow me to view blurbs (many of my books aren't from the Kindle Store, so don't have book descriptions). In short, I want to replicate the feeling of looking over a (nicely organised) bookshelf and choosing a book.

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