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So have you guys been working on anything interesting for the touch? Or finding anything interesting?

Also something interesting you can see that when you convert the the default images from raw to png there's no pure white color in the image. Maybe it has a custom color palate or something? Don't know much about color palates tho, it never interested me. What you guys think? Should custom images also use that color palate or does it not really matter.

Edit: To answer my question about the %1 %2 thing it's part of the qt framework thing.

#include <QString>
#include <QtDebug>

int main() {
	qDebug() << QString("%1 test %2").arg("1", "2");
	qDebug() << QString("%1 test %2").arg("3").arg("4");
	return 0;
% ./test
"1 test 2" 
"3 test 4" 

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