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Pandigital Novel 7 inch - do NOT buy

So, mom saw a "deal" on Groupon for a Pandigital novel, and thought "hey thats a nice e-reader / movie viewing thing for on the airplane".

Long story short, she bought some piece of crap because it "seemed" good, but in the end it was just a waste of money.

I'll list some things:

* It was HEAVY. Not just the heavy kind of heavy, but HEAVY like it was filled with batteries or made of solid lead. Definitely not comfortable for reading.
* I couldn't get it on the android store, so couldn't get any apps on it.
* It came with no software, no drivers, nothing. And yet obviously windows was struggling to detect the device when hooked up on a laptop to try and get some software on it.
* The creator's site, didn't have any patches for it for the european market.
* The touch screen was inaccurate and very sluggish. (Pressing the delete button on the screen would often result in a nearby button being pressed). Compared to an apple, this thing was hellish.
* I Couldn't get any ebooks into it at all. I added .pdf, .epub. even .doc, the thing wouldn't recognize any of them. There was a build in "buy e-books here" which probably would have worked, but sod that we have over 11k e-books on the PC, I'm not buying new ones just to get them onto that pile of junk.
* The interface is a sorry mess, completely unintuitive. Folders and subdirectories all over the place that you simply wouldn't want a non-tech person to see in fear or them deleting stuff they shouldn't. I've been using computers most of my life and got frustrated with this within within the first hour. I can't imagine giving this to anyone 50+ and expect them to figure it out.

The ONLY good thing about this thing was that the WiFi worked without a kitch. Now, I didn't test that extensively, but It detected our network, I could login, and visit google just fine. The speed... well,. sluggish to say the least. But it worked.

In short,
Don't waste your money on this thing.
If you want to read e-books, get a kindle, or an iPad or anything else.
If you want to view movies on an airplane,. I'm sure an EEEPC will do just fine.

I'll quote a review that pretty much pretty much covers my thoughts as well: Source: link
Can barely be called a tablet...
By funkotronic - Apr 14, 2011 -
The product : Not so excellent. They took a reader and basically hacked it to run Android. But it s only a limited version of Android, so there is no no real Android store access, you generally can t even install apps directly from websites, even those that specify they will support Android 2.0. A number of the built-in or downloadable apps either functioned poorly or not at all - the preinstalled version Facebook was bare-bones and laughable, it didn t even support messaging. The browser displayed some sites very well, other sites would not render at all. Of course, there is no Flash support, but Flash suxors anyway. Sluggish response, 800Mhz processor is hobbled to 600Mhz and it s laggy as all get-out. The resistive touchscreen needs a stylus to even begin to operate it properly, scrolling is an exercise in frustration. I ve already resold this device to a nerd in our MIS department and took a $35 loss just to get rid of it, I m saving up for an iPad. Lesson learned...

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