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Originally Posted by pphilipp View Post
But another blight stemming from these Chinese merchants is that western resellers are selling imports at much higher prices and quoting the same false facts and figures. (example... Chinese ads love to state phrase "better than an iPad" to tablets which aren't in the same league as an iPad in any form or fashion. Imagine the horror recipients must garner upon trying their new toy!)
The tablets I purchased (Android 2.3 Cortex 1Ghz or higher CPU Capacitive screen) are much better than ipad because they have HDMI, USB Host to connect 3g modem, MicroSD slot and are able to play H264/MPEG4 1080p 6-8mbps online streams fluently and I am able to download applications outside of market without unofficial hacking and Flash is working fine. All of this can not be done on my ipad. Oh, Not to mention that their cost is below $200.

Things like 3D Games (Racing etc) are working fluently as well and especially nice to connect to my big screen tv via HDMI and play.

The service from aliexpress suppliers I dealed with was really good. Even the Android 2.2 tablets I purchased they sent me a firmware upgrade to 2.3. I have had some problems with the firmware (Internal storage was not recognized and couldn't connect usb 3g after upgrade), I have told the supplier about this problem and few days later they sent me a new 2.3 firmware which fixed all the problems and this firmware is very stable and fast.

I don't know how their buyer protection works because I never needed to use it.
I am using the tablets myself and very happy with them.
I am a local seller, Not selling online and all my clients were very happy with the tablets.

One tablet even fell many times and still working fine.

There are a lot of reliable suppliers on aliexpress so it is very sad to see messages like "99% of suppliers are scammers".

I have been scammed once by some seller from the US on eBay (The item was not as described and the seller never responded me) but I am not saying that all the US sellers are scammers.
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