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Unhappy HELP:Kindle PDF issues

Well I just got a Kindle today and I have to say its pretty neat. But Im having some trouble getting PDF files to be legible on it.

I had a few PDFs that I wanted to read on my kindle so I tried uploading them but the text turned out to be way too small to read. So I downloaded briss which I used to crop the pages. This improved the PDFs to a certain degree but still the text was miniscule. So I then attempted to convert the PDFs to PRC files and this worked well but I got weird results like little images of each page appearing every few pages, the cover and first few pages going to the end of the file, random letters spaced incorrectly, random bold text.

Ive research a lot but Ive found a million and one methods each calling themselves the superior of the bunch. So my question is what the current most successful method to getting a PDF file to be readable on a kindle? Also, I dont mind buying software to do this if thats the best way.

Thank you all for your time

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