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Thumbs up Free Promotional Code For NEW YA Fantasy Series

Announcing the release of the new epic YA Fantasy series, Andrew and the Quest of Orion's Belt, Rise of the Fallen, Book One.

A new epic fantasy book is out, written by a very spunky elf friend of mine, and myself. Being a Twisker an all, Ivory doesn't mention me in the credits. Pretty rude if you ask me. But, hey, a Twisker's life is hard, full of rejection and invisible solitude. *Sad sniff* Anyway, her website is pretty fun, because I designed it. Also she is offering her ebook Free!! For four days. Then it'll be priced back up, so go check it out.

If you decide not to get a free copy while you can, I predict that you may grow ugly, green pimples all over your nose, and very, very long, hairy, whiskers all over your face. On the other hand, if you do go check it out, you'll be in for a great surprise. A very good one. I dare not say what kind, but the possibility of you going on an extraordinary adventure, full of magic, is extremely likely.

So there you are. Two very interesting alternatives. Don't look so skeptical, Twiskers are painfully accurate when it comes to predicting the future.

The choice is yours.

Promotional price: Free
Coupon Code: JK79V
Expires: September 21, 2011
coupon code is JK79V (not case sensitive).

Use the code here at Smashwords:

Visit the super, awesome, creepy, and captivating official website at:

Book trailer:

Cover Blurb
To whom it may concern, and you should all be concerned.

I told Ivory not to publish this book. But Ivory never listens to me. For being an elf with such big ears, her hearing is very bad.
So, now here we both are. You wanting to read this VERY DARK tale. And me trying to warn you of the dangers that could happen if you do. You, probably being an ordinary person and all.
No disrespect to ordinary people. I like them...or you. But, generally, ordinary people are toxically attracted to things that are not so healthy for them, like candy, and old broken-down buildings full of nose hair twisters, and throat gobblers---forgetting that they should be very afraid of dark, spooky, creepyish sort of places, until it's too late. Be WARNED that this book, once cracked opened, will cause the innocent lights in your bedroom to quake and shiver, and perhaps go out, leaving you in the darkness. So keep a flashlight, or a glowing, friendly, non-poisonous mushroom nearby, just in case.
Only brave individuals should, dare, to read this book. As for myself, I'm brave. I'm not afraid of the dark. Except for when it's dark, of course. Ahem.

Your humble servant,
Twisker of the Dandelion Den
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