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I've been searching the net for good handheld readers and so far it sounds like the 1150 is the best out there.

I see from your posts that there are ways to convert LIT files which would really help me. I'll check your conversion forum on how to do it.

I plan on using the reader a lot. I'm on a mission to read every Star Wars book. I have about 50 downloaded onto my comp. I just hope the battery can hold up. I just don't get why companies bother to make things in which you cannot replace the batteries.

rmeister0's review was great. Answered a couple questions I had about the reader.
My other criticism of the eb-1150 is itís inability to display any file format other than its native IMP. You canít just copy a RocketBook or plain text file onto a memory card and load it into the reader; all content must be converted to an IMP file before being loaded onto the device.
Too bad... my computer has a built in smartcard reader... would have been so easy to just dump the files on it... pop it into the ebook and be ready to go. Seems like I'll have to download the eBookWise Librarian program.

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