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I also own a Kindle DXG and I would really love to use it as a screen for my PC, but possibly keeping the hacks to the minimum.
(I work all the day on the PC and I would like to use the Kindle for all the reading tasks or quick searches that I do on the PC)

Should I try to put the 3.x firmware, to use the new browser via usbnetwork?
(but living in Italy I do not know if my browser will allow me to connect to all addresses, even local ones)

Or you suggest to keep 2.5.8 firmware and just put usbnetwork?
(in the old thread people were speaking about passing the images to kindle folder and refresh.. but I have no experience at all to modify kranu code to do this, I am new to kindle and have very little linux experience)

Sorry for posting in this thread, tell me if there is a dedicated one for DXG!

You are doing an amazing work,
a million thanks,
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