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Well, it looks like a bug in Calibre. In my latest test, my ePub <guide> section looks like this:

    <reference href="Text/cover.xhtml" title="Cover" type="cover" />
    <reference href="Text/toc.html" title="Table Of Contents" type="toc" />
    <reference href="Text/title_page.html" title="Title Page" type="title-page" />
    <reference href="Text/dedication.xhtml" title="Dedication" type="dedication" />
    <reference href="Text/quote.xhtml" title="Epigraph" type="epigraph" />
    <reference href="Text/one.html" title="Start" type="text" />
When I use MobiUnpack.pyw to unpack the .mobi resulting from the calibre conversion, I get the following guide in the mobi opf;

<reference type="text" href="Free Fall - Laura Anne Gilman.html#filepos236" />
<reference type="title-page" title="Title Page" href="Free Fall - Laura Anne Gilman.html#filepos5059" />
<reference type="toc" title="Table Of Contents" href="Free Fall - Laura Anne Gilman.html#filepos689921" />
<reference type="text" title="Start" href="Free Fall - Laura Anne Gilman.html#filepos7192" />
The problem appear to be that there are two reference type="text" generated, one that points to filepos236 and the other that points to filepos7192. filepos236 doesn't exists in the html file inside the mobi so that's why the Kindle open at the start of the book.

Could it be something that I'm doing wrong in the ePub that make calibre misbehave?

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