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I finally bought the Story HD (for my mom) and I like it very much. I do have a few questions which hopefully some you may know the answers to:

1. Is it possible to set Reflow=On as a default for all PDF documents?
2. Is there a way to set default font size (preferably, per file format type)?
3. Any email address or website to report bugs or request enhancements from iRiver? The two items above may fall into this category, as would the following items:
- Holding navigation buttons should repeat their action as long as the button is pressed. This works when reasing books, but not in other screens.
- Spatial interface. Pressing Back should return the user to the same screen and position he/she was on before. For example, the book selection indicator should remain on the last selected entry, not reset to the first entry. Edit: For some reason this seems to work fine now.
- Option to specify network details manually (including SSID, IP address, Default Gateway and DNS servers), as well as proxy server.
- Option to set margins
- Dictionary improvements - an option to select a word from the text using the arrows instead of typing it; an option to increase the dictionary font size
- Global setting for minimum font size. PDF and DOC files frequently use a font that is so small on this reader that one would need a loupe to read it.

I wonder if any of these items are already in work for the next firmware revision. One can only hope...

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