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I returned my Kobo Touch, because I had the famous storage errors, but after the firmware updates it started crashing more seriously and after a factory reset, I was not even able to reupload my books anymore. After 28 books the Kobo would not detect any books anymore and would be stuck at "processing content..." forever without updating any of my books.

Today, I decided to buy another Kobo Touch and give it another chance, because it was a great device aside from the aforementioned problems and I really want an ereader.

Well, that was a mistake. This one is quite a lemon. Out of the box I noticed right away how sluggish it was - unlike my first Kobo! It is so slow that I believed that the refresh rate was set at "every page", but it wasn't. Charging it up, rebooting and updating the firmware did not change how slow it is. And how surprising, when I tried to upload my books, all that happened is a slowly ticking "processing content..." screen.
After a half an hour wait I had enough. I powered it off, reset it and back it goes into the box.

I will return it tomorrow and I don't think I will give it another try.

I'm quite disappointed, because I really wanted to like it, I actually loved it when it worked!
But spending 147$ for a device that is either buggy or sluggish is just not an option for me.

I'm really glad for everybody who is lucky and actually has a Kobo Touch that works properly.

I would definitely not recommend buying a Kobo Touch, if you don't have a local store you could return it to, if anything was wrong with it.

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