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Originally Posted by dmxwyrw View Post
This is a drive by post but i2reader is pretty good. It has been updated each time a new ios version has dropped. It works with calibre and opds. It has more color themes and customizing features than stanza. Though its not as slick as stanza, I still find it to be one of the best.
I'll second this. I've been through and tried just about every ebook reader in the App Store (free and paid), and keep coming back to i2reader. As for features it seems to have all of the bases covered: multiple viewing modes (i.e. night mode, daytime, etc) plus user created modes, supports Calibre in both web mode and OPDS, custom dictionaries, wide book format support, custom tap zones, brightness support, etc.

I've come across a few bugs, but nothing major. The biggest issue that comes to mind right now is the horrid method they use for customizing the display modes. It's uncanny how they don't realize how broke it is in use. Don't get me wrong - it works, but it's next to impossible to reproduce your efforts from one setting to the next (all sliders, no fixed/variable numerical values).

I have a huge wish list of tweaks and such that I'd like to see, but the developers aren't what I would call "responsive". In fact, from what I've dug up, I believe it's written by a third party, and marketed to the App Store by a software house that mostly does Mac apps (

Aside from the price, I've never quite understood why it doesn't get more coverage/love here.
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