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Originally Posted by thomass View Post
Lite0909.855.1550.rtm released

On the current version, music player is disabled because of a bug. You can use kinamp (runs on both OSs).
You can report bugs to Duokan team : see this post

How to install Duokan Lite:


Updating an already installed Duokan Lite to the new version:
No need to use upgrade packages; just delete DK_System folder and copy the new one. And restart Kindle, choose Duokan Lite on boot screen. (at leeast works on the firmware 3.1)(Alternatively you can update online by settings> check update)

To install for the first time:
1- uninstall jailbreak
2- copy Dk_Sytem and update files with larger sizes
3- update and restart to Duokan(choose Q on boot screen)

(If your Kindle has firmware 3.2.1 then you might need to reset your kindle to factory default before each attempt (see this post)


To switch between Duokan and Kindle quickly (without a reboot):
unzip to your launchpad folder.(works only when you start the Kindle on Kindle OS) ^D S to switch to Duokan and ^ D X to switch back to Kindle.
This method useful if you want to use Duokan to read pdf files. this method fails in other cases. If you want to use it for epub then start Duokan on boot screen. (Alternatively you can use fbreader to read epub)

To change the dual boot option to boot KindleOS as default OS after restart:
change 120. and line of DK_System/intall/S79switch (before installation)
				 			echo lite System
				 			echo kindle System
Thank you for the heads up on the update.

I tried the update from within Duokan Lite first however it said I was already up to date with no updates available - which was not the case.

I then replaced the DK_System folder and it did just what you said - great! The language was reset to Chinese (easy fix with the Settings menu) and also the battery status seems to be reset to empty. More resets and switch to Kindle OS and back don't make any difference to the battery indication.

So not sure if this is due the build of Duokan Lite or just the way I updated it?

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