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I just returned my 2 1/2 week old Kobo Touch today.

The storage error issue is nothing compared to what happened after the firmware update. When I had the storage error I was at least able to put my books back on, which is a pain, but at least it would work afterwards.
After the firmware update I was unable to put new books on my Kobo and I believed at first that it was a Calibre incompatibility.

I decided to factory reset my Kobo and redo everything and have a clean new slate after my Kobo crashed 4 times and was unresponsive and needed several hard resets.
I spent all day and night yesterday trying to put my books back on and I was unable to upload more than 10 books at once and in the end it would be stuck "processing content" after uploading only around 25 books.
I used Calibre and the regular drag and drop method, I tried not upgrading the firmware, etc. My Kobo really can't see more than 25 books!!!

I cannot waste my nights fretting over my ereader and go to work after having 2 hours of sleep, so I guess it's time to let it go. I was so frustrated. I don't think that's a simple software issue anymore and I am glad i was able to return it for a full refund.

I really loved having an ebook reader, but I don't really want to buy another Kobo. The Kindle is a no go, because my books are mostly epub and the Sony ereaders are quite pricey. Maybe I'll wait for the new PRS-T1.

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