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Originally Posted by pdagenius View Post
Basically you can install USBNetwork without any problems via a Win7 PC. Having got it on there you need some knowledge to use it. The warnings are only there to stop you tinkering if you do not know what you are doing as it is possible to brick the Kindle.
Yes, I understand that. I phrased my problem badly. The thing is, in order to allow my Kindle to connect to an enterprise network, I have to run certain commands. This is on the website I mentioned earlier:
Connect to Kindle’s shell via usbnetwork like this. On your Kindle, go Home, press Del, type “;debugOn” and Enter. Type “~usbNetwork” in the same way. Your Kindle is now switched from mass storage to USB network mode. Connect it to the computer via cable.
On your computer, run

modprobe usbnet
modprobe cdc_ether
ifconfig usb0
ssh root@

You can also store ssh keys into /etc/base-us/usbnet/etc/authorized_keys, but if connecting without password is OK, skip it.
This is clearly intended to be input into a Linux terminal, no? My question is, is there any way to execute these commands from windows? Without an OS emulator?
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