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Aldiko Sync (Updated: No longer requires Root)

I'm an avid user of the Aldiko eBook reader app and recently got myself a tablet. Naturally, I wanted to be able to read my books on my phone and the tablet. I hoped there would be something that would allow me to easily do this, but I only found a stale thread on the Aldiko support site that said they would support this feature sometime in the future.

Therefore, I present to you, my first Android app, Aldiko Sync that allows you to sync both your books and bookmarks across various Android powered devices.

** Note **

As of version 5.4.18, the app no longer requires a rooted device.

Older versions of the app are not compatible with this version, so please upgrade all your devices to avoid sync failures.


** Note **

Now available on the market:

  • Android 2.1+
  • Aldiko 2.0.2+ (Premium or Free)
  • Dropbox account

  • Synchronizes eBooks across devices (including addition of new books and deletion of old books)
  • Synchronizes your position in each eBook across devices.
  • Pro Version: Fully automatic sync.
  • Pro Version: Faster sync check for changes on Dropbox
  • Pro Version: Trigger sync from an external application (like a Tasker/Locale plugin).
  • Ability to store deleted books in a separate "TrashCan" folder on Dropbox in case you want to retrieve it at a later date.
  • Ability to always sync to furthest read point (like the Kindle).

New Features:
  • 7.0.4
    • Add option to always sync to furthest read point.
    • Improve code that checked for internet connectivity, should reduce the "Unable to reach Dropbox" message when switching from mobile to WiFi.
    • Pro Version: Allow error notifications to be dismissed when the "Hide Status Icon" option is enabled.
    • Bug-Fix: Detect and ignore incompatible thumbnail/cover images when adding new eBooks instead of failing the sync operation.
    • Bug-Fix: Fix very slow loading of library data for large libraries (100+ books) on devices whose default locale is not US English.
  • 6.18.32
    • Updated app to fix issues on Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    • Add option to always add books from a device to Dropbox on first sync (enabled by default)
    • Expand info sent via the "Report Issue" feature for a better support experience.
    • Bug-Fix: Fix the "eBooks Folder" field to be a single line control.
    • Pro Version: Improve license check code to reduce verification failure reported by some users. Requires updated unlocker app to be installed.
    • Pro Version: Update the "Hide Status Icon" feature to be more useful by displaying the icon when a sync is in progress.
    • Bug-Fix: (Pro Version) Fix issue where a sync was not performed if the device went to sleep due to the screen being turned off before the trigger could execute.
  • 6.10.2
    • Add extra checks to verify internet connectivity before starting a sync operation. With this change, the "Unable to login to Dropbox" message should show up only for actual Dropbox login failures.
  • 6.6.14
    • Correctly resize the cover/thumbnail image when adding a book to the device. Fixes issue with squashed images on certain devices.
    • Bug-Fix: Position in eBook was not being synchronized across devices if it had user defined bookmarks.
    • Make it much easier to report an issue with the app (Settings => Report Issue).
  • 5.10.4
    • Bug-Fix: (Pro Version) (Android OS 2.2+) Fix crash on reboot when automatic sync is enabled and Aldiko is installed on the SD card. Correctly handle moving Aldiko from/to the SD card and SD card mount/dismount events.
    • Bug-Fix: (Pro Verison) Fix crash if automatic sync is enabled when Aldiko is not installed.
    • Bug-Fix: Fix issue with eBook getting updated on every sync on local device if it was deleted and re-added on another device.
    • Pro Version: Reorganize code to improve battery life when automatic sync is enabled during a long Aldiko session.
  • 5.8.20
    • Bug-Fix: Discard stored local sync state if its incompatible with the new app. Fixes the "Unable to read library" error when loading previously synced books.
    • Bug-Fix: Fix handle leak on screen orientation change.
  • 5.4.18
    • Rewrote core parts of the app so it no longer requires root access.
    • Further improvements to the code that handles dropped connections during a sync.
    • Bug-Fix: Fix issue with an eBook not getting the correct saved position under certain rare circumstances.
    • Pro Version: Minor improvements to the "Optimize Network Traffic" feature.
  • 4.1.2
    • Updated app to work on Android OS 2.1 (Eclair)
    • Improve handling of dropped connections. This should help reduce sync failures.
    • Add feature to optimize data stored on Dropbox. This feature enables compression of the library data and speeds up the sync operation.
    • Bug-Fix: (Pro version) Under certain circumstances, eBook updates would not be applied on a subsequent sync if the first attempt failed.
    • Bug-Fix: Fix issue with icon in the status bar being stuck in the "on going" status even after the sync operation was complete.
  • 3.4.2
    • Bug-Fix: Inadvertently introduced a bug in the previous version, which could cause a manually triggered sync to loop infinitely under certain circumstances. (Sorry!)
    • Pro version: Add ability to trigger a sync operation from external apps (like a Tasker/Locale plugin) via a broadcast intent (com.ucr.aldikosync.triggersync)
  • 3.3.6
    • Bug-Fix: Auto sync was not being triggered after quitting Aldiko on certain devices (some HTC phones, devices with CyanogenMod 7 ROM, and maybe others)
    • Bug-Fix: The "Optimize Network Traffic" option is dependent on automatic sync being enabled. Fix the Settings user interface so this dependency is communicated to the user
    • Add option to hide the notification bar icon in the Pro version
  • 3.0.18
    • Library handling code optimizations resulting in a smaller and faster app
    • Improve reporting of Dropbox errors to the user
    • Add support for fully automatic and faster sync checking in the Pro version
  • 2.2.4
    • Supports both Aldiko Free and Premium
    • Fixes crash that some people reported with the initial release.

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments or concerns.

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