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Originally Posted by kindle3zeng View Post
I'm new to java also, but I just managed to get my first kindlet run.

I took a look at your package, I'm not sure what tool you used to package it. But I used ellipse, and exported it as a jar file, using a manifest file:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Description: Test for Kindle
Main-Class: test.Main
Implementation-Title: Hello
Implementation-Version: 0.0.1
Implementation-Vendor: Me
At first, I didn't include
Description: Test for Kindle
Main-Class: test.Main
which caused my kindlet not to show up.

With these lines added, it ran like a charm.

I did this just use the same code as you. I build the hello world in eclipse.
then I signed with developer.keystore from dvhh. then I copied my hello.azw2 to my kindle.

The hello.azw2 is not show in HOME, so I reboot the kindle. after my kindle started up. it stuck in scan books...

what's wrong?

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